Green Hub, the meeting point for the Green Family during the COP25

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From 2 to 13 December it will take place in Madrid the COP25 (UN Conference on Climate Change). This will make many members of the Green Family travel to Madrid to participate in the Summit or in the demonstration on the 6th or any other alternative activities. To make Greens life easier in Madrid during these days, the Green European Foundation, with the support of Fundación EQUO, will stablish a Green Hub, a meeting point where any member of the Green Family can stay for a while, connect to internet, take a coffee, have some rest, let the luggage…


Find below some information for those of you coming from different cities or countries:

Public transport in Madrid is really good (although some times it’s very crowded). The easiest way to move in the City is the subway. The subway in Spanish is called “Metro”. All the information about Metro de Madrid: . There are also some Suburban train (in Spanish it’s called “Cercanías”), but we recommend you to use the “Metro”.

Metro Line number 8 (pink color) is the one that connects the Airport with the City and it is also the one connecting to the COP25 Venue (“Feria de Madrid” metro station).

To travel on Metro de Madrid you need a “Multi Card” that can be purchased at Metro de Madrid ticket machines for 2,50 €. Once you have the “Multi Card” we recommend you to load a 10-Journey Ticket (12,20 €) valid for Metro and city and intercity buses. Take into account that there is an “Airport Extra Charge” to enter or exit the “Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3” or “Aeropuerto T4” stations. This Extra Charge can be loaded in the “Multi Card” as well.

We also recommend you to install any of these apps that will make easier to travel in public transport in Madrid:

The “Green Hub” is based in “Espacio Madrid 129”, Calle Ercilla, 46 Local 4. There are many Metro stations near. The closest are “Embajadores” (Metro Line number 3 -yellow color) and “Acacias” (Metro Line number 5 -green color). In the map you can also find a big blue circle. That is the point where the Green March will start on the 6th.

The time we will be at the Green Hub will be from 10:00 to 18:00, except those days with activities, when we will stay there until the event ends. In case you need to contact us, you can call (better if you send a whatsapp or telegram text message) to +34 633679457 (Raul) or 911666654.

Come and join us at the Green Hub!

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